I guess the comic has fans after all. Well, a few anyways.

Lanz's Party by Luminar
The entire Legendary Hero's party, featuring the Holy Sword of Light, Helleklinge.

Counterbeast by Acrasiomycetes
Acrasiomycetes sent me an amazing set of 5 random monsters that have appeared in the comic. The first is the Counterbeast from comic 118

WingPortal by Acrasiomycetes
Next is the WingPortal from comic 146

Scanbots by Acrasiomycetes
The Scanbots from comic 177

3EyeBeast by Acrasiomycetes
The cave monster that the heroes snuck past in comic 352

Flamemage by Acrasiomycetes
Both Bricks and Delrim had to face a flamemage at the arena in comics 113 and 116, respectively.

Blackmore by Luminar
Blackmore, now with Garinsune Power!!

Bricks by Warped Mind
With appropriate background =)

Tina and Alexander by naiad
Tina along with her summon, the mighty Alexander!

Violet by Kakita Ki
Violet! In colored pencil!

Tina by naiad
My first fanart ever! Very cool!


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