Fari and Zomb wearing the Wargon Mask
Lanz's mother
Lanz's father with Kid Lanz
Bricks with hat

Another character with a gun
Early sketch of Sine and Teegroc
Sharp-looking robot
Pirate Doombot
A guy in a coat with a gun

Tim with a pair of guns
A pair of the old Heroes
Gutsman-Type Robot
Gear as a Doombot
Claw Monster
Pair of Doombots
Extra Sharp Bricks

Random Knight Girl
Lanz's Party
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Comic
Half Life: Blue Shift Blues
Final Fantasy VII Comic II
Final Fantasy IX Comic
Way of the Ninja
Sid with some Doombots
Sketch of TRIANGLE

Older Stuff

Starcraft Comic
Resident Evil 3 Comic I
Resident Evil 3 Comic II
Final Fantasy VII Comic
Final Fantasy I Cast
Final Fantasy IV Cast


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