Q: What is The DOOM Army?
A: It's a comic about an evil RPG army. It is mostly storyline based, but there will be a few comics in between each storyline, so I can make some comics that don't neccessarily fit into any particular storyline.

Q: Why does it look so crappy?
A: There are 2 main reasons for that. 1) I can't draw and 2) I don't have the neccessary tools to make a webcomic. Pencils, pens, image editing programs and the like.

Q: What's with the abbreviations? (LaserDrgn, GiantMonst, etc.)
A: Back in the early days of RPG's, the number of characters you could use in the name of something were greatly limited. So there were a lot of abbreviations. I think that they're funny, more than I should maybe, and that's why I use them.


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